Integrating the Vision of the Artist With the Ingenuity of the Engineer

Who we are

Pixelmonger Studios is a high growth, technologically innovative studio that develops tools, systems, content and ideas that can engage in multiple dimensions and unfold over numerous platforms.

Our Roots

The Pixelmonger Studios management team includes recognized leaders from the fields of digital filmmaking, gaming, artificial intelligence, software development, spatial media and film finance. We share an entrepreneurial mindset and the drive to pool our expertise to create a new standard in communications, content production and franchise creation.

Our Dogma

We believe in leveraging our strengths to focus on highly-commercial projects and properties with global brand appeal and extensible franchise potential.


We have known and worked with each other for years. Each highly regarded in their own field, we bring our collective acumen into focus on unique and emerging issues for private industry, government contractors, studios, and themed entertainment.

Key Competitive Advantages

Our production-proven, advanced scalable technology, enables the efficient creation and repurposing of content for multiple platforms, facilitating extensive branding and franchise creation.

Our innovative workflow transforms the production process and enhances the creative process while mitigating execution risk.

We maintain a large, addressable market by focusing on highly-commercial entertainment content with strong global appeal.

Our capital-efficient business model limits downside risk while providing significant upside potential.This helps us retain ownership to build on our valuable portfolio of revenue-generating assets.

Our Team

Scott Billups

You're only as good as the people you surround yourself with.

Steven Smith
Agent Provocateur

With an endless stream of hits to his credit, we should call him the exterminator.

Jon Greenhalgh
Evil Genius

A fiendish brilliance that can topple governments - or just make it look that way.

Hisako Kawai
Animator to the Stars

A ferocious talent that she is liable to whack you upside the head with.

Angus Shaw
Hit Man

Easily the best graphic designer that Her Majesty has to offer.

Shari Christopoulos
Power Broker

The forward-facing social conscience of this otherwise unruly herd of nerds

Our Nefarious Cohorts

Flint Dille
Mad Genius

#1 on the most wanted list for game companies and studios alike.

Dr. Bill Klein
The Evil Doctor

If AI does indeed bring an end to humanity, this man will be to blame.

Brad Wyman
Be Afraid, be very afraid

He spans the gulf between Hollywood and Wall Street Like Godzilla on Steriods

Peter Martin

The only Brit to be knighted for his dashing flair and rugged good looks. That's SIR Peter Martin to you.

Ari Palitz
The Wizzard

Don't stare into his eyes or you'll turn into a margarita (on the rocks, no salt).

Curtis Bennett
Codesmith par excellence

He writes code like he's writing a note to his dear ol' mother.

  • High-level media production is grueling work that has a tendency to bond relationships beyond the convention. Location work, especially in hostile or dangerous locations pushes this to the extreme. It forms somewhat eclectic, sometimes dysfunctional temporary families that often reappear reformed for each new expedition. I was lucky enough to start my career working for National Geographic and regard the greater family with familial warmth.

    I eventually worked my way to Hollywood where I have had the immense good fortune to work with many of the luminaries in the industry; good fortune that continues to this day.