Integrating the Vision of the Artist With the Ingenuity of the Engineer

Who we are

Pixelmonger Studios is a high growth, technologically innovative studio that develops tools, systems, content and ideas that can engage in multiple dimensions and unfold over numerous platforms.

Our Roots

The Pixelmonger Studios management team includes recognized leaders from the fields of digital filmmaking, gaming, artificial intelligence, software development, spatial media and film finance. We share an entrepreneurial mindset and the drive to pool our expertise to create a new standard in communications, content production and franchise creation.

Our Dogma

We believe in leveraging our strengths to focus on highly-commercial projects and properties with global brand appeal and extensible franchise potential.


We have known and worked with each other for years. Each highly regarded in their own field, we bring our collective acumen into focus on unique and emerging issues for private industry, government contractors, studios, and themed entertainment.

Key Competitive Advantages

Our production-proven, advanced scalable technology, enables the efficient creation and repurposing of content for multiple platforms, facilitating extensive branding and franchise creation.

Our innovative workflow transforms the production process and enhances the creative process while mitigating execution risk.

We maintain a large, addressable market by focusing on highly-commercial entertainment content with strong global appeal.

Our capital-efficient business model limits downside risk while providing significant upside potential.This helps us retain ownership to build on our valuable portfolio of revenue-generating assets.

Our Team

Scott Billups

You're only as good as the people you surround yourself with.

Steven Smith
Agent Provocateur

With an endless stream of hits to his credit, we should call him the exterminator.

Jon Greenhalgh
Evil Genius

A fiendish brilliance that can topple governments - or just make it look that way.

Hisako Kawai
Animator to the Stars

A ferocious talent that she is liable to whack you upside the head with.

Angus Shaw
Hit Man

Easily the best graphic designer that Her Majesty has to offer.

Selena Scola
Power Broker

The forward-facing social conscience of this otherwise unruly herd of nerds

By striving for something extraordinary, we create a magnet for great talent.

Pixelmonger Studios is an open-source team of recognized leaders from the fields of event production, digital filmmaking, gaming, artificial intelligence, robotics, software development, and spatial media, who share an entrepreneurial mindset and the drive to pool our expertise to create a new standard in event development and franchise creation.


    Academy Award-nominated Producer, Creative Futurist and widely recognized thought leader specializing in volumetric immersive media, Peter has directed numerous high-profile virtual projects, including Justin Timberlake's immersive experience for the Holodome.


    As an early pioneer in VR, Ari has directed and produced for Here Be Dragons, Google, GE, Intel True VR, DiscoveryVR, as well as, serving as Director on the award-winning, The Last Goodbye, the first-ever Holocaust survivor testimony in room-scale VR for the Shoah Foundation. 


    Widely regarded as the leading innovator of both live and interactive holographic technologies, Joel and his team consistently create images of extraordinary fidelity that push the limits of visual reality. Well-Versed in both fixed display and large-scale event holography, Joel's innovative approach is unmatched in its design performance.

A brand is a voice and the product is a souvenir.

As a highly respected game developer and visual effects creator for more than 50 motion pictures, we are often brought on to help shape branding campagns. Here's a good example of how our innovative brand extentions helped monitize a $100 million dollar motion picture.

  • Our branding for a major movie included ...

    As Principal Visual Effects Supervisor of the Walking With Dinosaurs motion picture, and CTO of the production company, it was Scott's job to not only build a technologically promotable media package that echoed the qualitative sensibilities of the BBC brand, but we also needed to develop brand extensions that would maximize the movie's success and guarantee enduring revenues.

  • ... an International Arena Spectacular,

    BBC had suggested that we simply refurbish their old, pre-existing show, but after closer inspection it was mutually agreed that we needed to scrap the original and start from scratch.

  • ... Television and Web Content,

    We used the industry-leading Pixelmonger Smart-Stage that combines game engine-based scene generators with Augmented Reality underlays to generate real-time programming for broadcast and web applications.

  • ... award-winning apps,

    The Walking With Dinosaurs Photo Adventure app was the first globally-branded AR app in the world. The press and word of mouth that it generated helped us raise over $85 million dollars to make the Walking With Dinosaurs 3D motion picture. Although Scott wrote this app back in 2011, it is still being downloaded and enjoyed today.

  • ... and a ground-breaking game.

    With several high-profile console games to our credit, Sony Playstation was the perfect fit for our immersive AR WonderBook experience. Designed for kids, it could be played in both passive Augmented Reality by just sitting in front of a television with the WonderBook, or in full VR using the Sony Playstation headset.

Build a lifestyle around your brand and the audience will follow.

Our Nefarious Cohorts

Flint Dille
Mad Genius

#1 on the most wanted list for game companies and studios alike.

Dr. Bill Klein
The Evil Doctor

If AI does indeed bring an end to humanity, this man will be to blame.

Curtis Bennett
Codesmith par excellence

He writes code like he's writing a note to his dear ol' mother.

- Scott Billups -

  • Scott Billups is an award-winning movie-maker, game developer, AI software developer, and author of several top-selling books on advanced media production. When not working, you can find him sailing, surfing, or skiing.

    WIRED Magazine calls him: 
    “Hollywood's baddest pixel-packing cowboy, riding on the fringes of an industry that views him with interest, admiration, and some degree of incomprehension.”