Enhancing the safety of American service personal for over 20 years.

A very large part of our work is about R&D

While working as a Gizmologist for the original MacGyver television series, Scott Billups was tapped for a DARPA think tank. He has been straddling the viscus boundaries between Hollywood and Washington DC ever since.

The main bulk of our work for the past 25 years, has been focused on increasing spatial awareness of troops and warfighters, designing and prototyping defensive innovations, the development of simplified Augmented Reality (HUD) control systems for complex machines, and virtual reality training systems.

Some of our branded systems for government, defense and NGO clients include: 

Are we building SkyNet? 

We get ask this question more than you might imagine.

With over 100,000 installations of our patented AI engine, Rival Theory is the leading supplier of Artificial Intelegence to the game industry. Beyond that, we have years of experience of AI design integration for DARPA, DOD and NGO Defense contractor projects. So the tongue-in-cheek answer that we usually give to the question is, “wrong tense.”

There is tendency to lable this market as "good AI" and "bad AI." Obviously, it’s all AI, and quite rudimentary when compaired to its potential. The question we need to ask ourselves, is this adding value to people’s lives.